Preventative Dentistry Phoenix

Preventative Dental Services Phoenix

Preventative Dental Services Phoenix

Patients who commit to routine preventive dental care typically experience fewer oral health problems over time. Semi-annual professional cleanings allow us to take a proactive approach to your dental health. Your dental hygienist uses special tools to remove excess plaque and tartar from the teeth. Once your teeth are tartar free, your hygienist will gently polish the teeth to remove surface stains. They will also look for any signs of gingivitis and may give you a few hygiene tips to help improve your smile health. Schedule Your Appointment
Fluoride is a natural mineral that is often referred to as nature’s cavity fighter. This amazing mineral strengthens the tooth’s enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. Using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water are great practices to ensure you intake a sufficient amount of fluoride daily. Professional fluoride treatments are also an effective method to fight against tooth decay, strengthen enamel, and help children develop healthy teeth. Schedule Your Appointment
Early detection and treatment of oral cancer can significantly increase your chances of a quick and complete recovery. Oral cancer can afflict anyone although tobacco users put themselves at significantly higher risk than non-users. At every hygiene visit, we examine all the tissues of your mouth including gums, cheeks, lips, tongue, and jaw. If we suspect any unusual changes in your mouth tissue, we may suggest a biopsy and microscopic analysis by a qualified lab. Schedule Your Appointment

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